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I'm really creative as well as reliable and willing to work on a very affordable basis.


In fact I'm willing to let you "Say What YOU Pay"


I'm here to help you look good: on air, online and in print

"Out of the box thinking,

Out of this world creativity!


Where shall we go?!"



Below are a small selection of the projects I have undertaken in the last couple of years. They range from product demonstration videos for Nike and TomTom to Gameshow set ups for holiday camps. Click on the image to learn more...

This is my video showreel showing some of my

"best bits" in just 3 minutes.

I'm here to make YOU look good


Who is this Production Guy?

Thanks for looking this far, this is where you can find out more about me and why I'm doing this before scrolling down further to find those all important contact details. These are the important people to know:



I'm 32 and the Production Guy. I want to be the first port of call for small business and individuals who need professional services but can't afford big agencies.

I care about doing a good job and will always give you my very best work because I wont sleep at night if I don't! I'm very creative and can turn my hand to most things, so please speak up with your needs as I love a challenge!



Tracey is my beautiful wife. We've known each other since we were 11 and I think she's incredible!


Tracey is a big help with accounting, invoicing and organisation.



Our daughter, she's gorgeous and she is the person who benefits most from using me for your project. Day's out and toys are why I do this.


Laila loves Peppa Pig, Ice Lollies and colouring in.


I have decided to incorporate a "Pay What You Say" policy. In a nutshell I know it's hard getting quotes and can be a complicated process, tell me the job that needs to be done and what you're willing to pay. As long as the it isn't an unrealsonable request,  I'll go with what you suggest. If I don't think it's a fair price I'll just tell you the truth, simple.


I'd be very happy to hear from anyone with a genuine creative need that I can help with. I am a very affordable alternative to big agencies and no job is too small! Remember, as long as it's a reasonable request: You Pay What You Say!

Gary Blackman



The Production Guy is Gary Blackman. He looks forward to your call, text or email